Wednesday, October 26, 2011

Homecoming at Hill Air Force Base

Back story:

So, do you remember when I did This?

Well, these shots are the dramatic conclusion to Sara and Adam's story. Adam has been in Afghanistan for the past year doing crazy things that I can't even imagine myself doing, all so I can stay home and watch ESPN on my couch while I play with my kids. He's a hero to every American, and so is his wife! While Adam's been gone, Sara has spent months of pregnancy alone, probably having to satisfy all of the cravings by herself. She's given birth without her husband there, and she's also raised and taken care of their baby without him as well! One may ask, which one is the real trooper, Adam or Sara? They both are.

So a couple of weeks ago, Adam finally came home, and it was an amazing thing to witness.

Love this shot

Adam and Sara, it has been a pleasure being your photographer this past year! Thanks for allowing me to document your lives at such intimate times.

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