Monday, May 26, 2008

Brandon and Tenille's Wedding

These pictures are from my step-sister-in-law's wedding. They had a professional photographer so I didn't feel the need to take a lot of pictures of them. My main intent was to try and get some of the wedding details. I figured that they would get a million pics of just them from their photographer and not as many atmosphere pics from the day. Some pics turned out great. Some of the portraits above were some of my relatives just having fun trying to model for a pic that would be in a magazine! The wedding was at Mount Timp Temple and the reception was at Cactus and Tropicals in Draper. It was a great location to take pictures. Brandon welcome to the family. You are one of the nicest people that Jen and I know, and I am so happy that you are as big of a BYU fan as I am!


O-Don-on-tha-patio said...

lookin' good Cougar Luke Hansen.

"Cause doggone it, Elder Crockett missed his bus."

Kristy said...

Luke! This is my first ever comment on a blog. Feel lucky! You are a great photographer and I love looking at all of the amazing pictures on this site. Keep 'em coming! Love, Kristy