Monday, June 9, 2008

American Fork Canyon

This last pic of Ava is a little out of focus but she had such a cute face I had to put it on here. We went up American Fork Canyon tonight for family night with the Van Alphens. Good times. By the way, if you are planing on going up American Fork canyon, the minimum amount you can pay to get in is six bucks! I was expecting maybe 2.50 at the most. Once I got over the shock of actually paying the six bucks we got the fire going and the smores helped me melt my cares away! Anyway, Ava is so hard to take pictures of. She will never look at me and loves to run and run, and when you call out to her to come back, she just runs faster, she gets that from Jen's side of the family. Speaking of Ava, she started sleeping in her "big girl bed" this past week. She loves it! Tonight was the first time that we have had issues with her. At 9:45 I could hear that she was still awake, so I went in there and she had got into her baby wipes and they were scattered all around her room! She is a crazy kid to be around these days, but I love every minute of it.

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Kristy and Justin said...

I love that little girl!! Can't wait to see you guys in another month!