Sunday, July 20, 2008

Shower for Brock and Haili

Jen wants me to throw in a disclaimer on this last picture. It was a "no make-up" picture! Silly Jen! I love her blue eyes. Speaking of Jen, I put that profile picture of her in here so that some of you who haven't seen her in a while could see how big she's getting! She only has two months left and in my opinion, that's a small tummy for 7 months along.

These pictures were taken at Brock and Haili's Camping shower in my Grandparent's backyard. You might notice that I don't have any pictures of them on here, I guess I was just feeling random and took what you see above. Enjoy.


Karen, Mackay & Easton said...

so i blog stalked you luke! Never knew you could take AMAZING pics! interested in making a buck and doing some family pics for us this fall?? let me know!

Kristy and Justin said...

Jen looks beautiful with or without makeup! She's just plain gorgeous! And that is a tiny tummy for seven months. I can't believe that she has only two months left!