Wednesday, August 13, 2008

Garrett and Dasha's Engagements

Garrett and Dasha are getting married in October and tonight was the first time that I had officially met them.  We had a lot of fun taking these at the Salt Lake City Library.  I hope that you two enjoy these pics as I think quite a few of them turned out quite nicely.  I really like the one where the two of you are sitting at the table and are kissing.  It looks good in black and white.  I have dramatically decreased the quality of these pics above so that I could put them online.  If you are wanting to make any prints, wait until I give you a disc, they will look a lot nicer!  

Thanks to Jen for doing some on the computer editing tonight.  I think we are tuning out to be a good team.  


Garrett & Dasha said...

We love them, they turned out great and everyone else thinks so to. Looking forward to the wedding! Thank you so much, you were great to work with.

Stephanie said...

Awwwh....seriously those are so cute. :)