Friday, May 8, 2009

The Pickrell Boys!

Hi everyone, Say hello to "The Toot Brothers!" Ethan, Aiden and Keaton were all over the place and we had a blast taking their pictures. Towards the end of our shoot, they were getting crazy and on a lot of the group shots, to get themselves to smile they would shout out, "We're the Toot Brothers!" But seriously, the Pickrell Boys know how to have a fun time. And they are so dang photogenic! I couldn't stop taking pictures. Erin, this is only like 5% of all the pictures I took so you are going to have a great time when I give you the CD because there were countless pictures that turned out great.

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Erin Pick said...

Thank you luke! These look soo good. I love them. You do such a great job. Sorry "The Toot Brothers" couldn't hold themselves together for long. Welcome to a young boys attentions span! You did a fabulous job! Thanks a million!