Wednesday, May 19, 2010

The Worlds Largest Teepee

So whenever people ask me where my wife is from, I always respond, "Medicine Hat, Alberta Canada, Home of the world's largest teepee." Every time, without fail. This Teepee is the pride and joy of Medicine Hat (well, sort of) and it is 215 feet tall. I think it exists as a tribute to the Native American Indian Tribes that are from that area. It's pretty big. I've seen it a lot in both the day and night, and wanted to try and photograph it in the dark.

The last three pictures were me messing around with my camera and I thought it was interesting how it turned out. The last picture is the moon, if you asked yourself, "What is that?!?"

We recently spent a week in Southern Alberta and it was a great time. Look for more Canadian posts to come, you hosers!

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