Monday, August 2, 2010

The price paid for R & R

Every year, we take the kids and meet up with my wife's family in Montana. About 11 hours into the drive, this happened!!! From the time we pulled off the road to when this pic was taken was a matter of minutes.

In case any of you were wondering, I was able to save all of my cameras, with the exception of one that wasn't my own, (Sorry Angie!!)

This pic is my trial on photojournalism. I'm taking a class in the fall about photojournalism, so we'll see how this stacks up with my other pics come December.


Karen, Mackay, Easton & Kallie said...

who'd you grab first? your cameras or your kids?? lol! ;)

Maria S. Turley said...

So glad you're home safe & sound!!!

Laurel, Brian, Addison & Liam said...

What happened?!

Katie said...

Really!?! What happened? You have us all curious now.

Btw, you do take some fabulous pictures!! If I wasn't pregnant and about to pop, I would call you for our family pictures. And if you need a newborn for a model, there will be one at the end of September that I will loan out to you ;)