Tuesday, September 28, 2010

Utah Jazz Media Day

I was loving every minute of Media Day at the Zions Bank Basketball Center in Salt Lake. I have always been a huge Jazz fan and so being up close and personal to the players was sweet, but don't worry, I kept my cool.

A couple of observations for all of you Jazz fans. Raja Bell and Al Jefferson were super nice and pleasant to be around. Okur looked like he always does, as if he just rolled out of bed and threw on a shirt. D-Will walked around like he owned the place, and he pretty much does. Gordon Heyward looked super young, or is that a sign that I'm getting older? Jerry Sloan kept his distance and didn't really talk to anyone except for the coaching staff and a quick radio interview.

Finally, I'm really digging the new uniform. I'm glad they went back to the logo from my childhood.

For all of you who check out the blog and aren't into sports, hang in there. I have a lot of stuff coming!

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Karen, Mackay, Easton & Kallie said...

Jerry Sloan is super cool. i sat at talked to him for a bit at the RMR one year. he was so nice. What a great opportunity! i love the new uniforms too!