Wednesday, February 2, 2011

Emily - High Key

The first time I met Emily was when she walked into the studio for this photo shoot! For my portrait class, I needed a blonde model and a friend of mine in the newsroom suggested that I use her friend. So we checked her out on facebook, then I gave her a very awkward phone call, ("Um hi, I don't know you, but will you model for me" :) ) and she agreed! She was a great sport and was a natural at modeling.

This was also my first time working in the studio. I'm getting used to the lights and it opens up a new world of possibilities in photography, although I still prefer natural lighting.

This semester I am going to need lots of models!!! I'm looking for women of all ages, so if you, or someone you know is interested, let me know. I will make it worth the model's time, with a disc of the images we shoot! The model wouldn't need to be in provo as I have access to some portable lights, but near there would be nice!

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Ashley and Mike said...

Hey Luke! I know it was a while ago that you shot our wedding photos, and this is kind of random, but we love your photography! If you ever need a model or two, we would love free photos!