Saturday, February 26, 2011

The Show

Here's a caution on this post. Below are posters from the San Diego State student section from today's game. Some are very funny, but some are in bad taste and I'm putting them on here because I've had multiple people ask me what the signs said at the game. So with that warning, here you go. Do you have a favorite because I know I do.

This dude's name tag says "Elder Intergalactic"

There you go!


J.J. Despain said...

That "Whitney Got Harvey Unga Expelled" sign is so incorrect that it is not even remotely, besides being blatantly offensive.

1) For all I know, Whitney and Harvey have never met. I guess the guy connected Whitney with Harvey because she's the most famous girlfriend at BYU and he's the most famous student who has left campus for an Honor Code violation. So they must obviously be connected somehow, and definitely would have slept together (sarcasm). I mean, I might as well make a sign saying Kawhi Leonard's girlfriend slept with Tre'Von Willis. It makes the same amount of sense.

2) Harvey didn't get expelled, he left BYU of his own accord.

Sorry, haha, it's not like I'm ranting at you, Luke. I guess I just had to get my thoughts out there somewhere.

It just makes our victory over them that much sweeter.

Kaye said...

I kind of think all the signs are dumb. Especially the girl in the white shirt and tie - she didn't do her homework about what sister missionaries wear. Great pics though!

Front Row Phil said...

Well, at the Energy Solutions Arena at a NBA game, several of those signs would have been taken away due to "being to personal". Way to go San Diego State University Event Security you have a lot of class!!

Scott W said...

Way to "stay classy San Diego"

Amanda Castleberry Photography said...

haha, oh man. Pretty funny. Great post

Matt said...

My favorite was the "Hi Mom(s)" one...clever. Ha ha.