Sunday, May 29, 2011

Real Salt Lake vs Seattle Sounders

I got the wettest I have been in a while at this game. It's a good thing that I threw that garbage bag in my bag to cover all of my equipment up with. This last photo are some other photographers that I see quite a bit while shooting events and what they did to attempt to stay dry.

It's too bad that Real Salt Lake lost this game, 2-1. I have shot two games there now, and each time they have lost. I was told that they had one of the best home winning percentages around the league, but not when I'm there. Remember in Star Wars when Luke Skywalker says this line as they are trying to break into the death star: "I'm endangering the mission, I shouldn't have come." Yeah, that's how I'm feeling about now about going to RSL games!

Despite it being wet and a loss, I still enjoyed time shooting this game. And by they way, I'm not sure why the Ref put shaving cream on the field either.

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Adhis said...

I can't believe there wasn't even one photo of a player picking a dandelion.