Monday, May 23, 2011

The Yellow Sunflowers vs The Red Dragons

Pointing out the enemy...

As soon as Ava scored her first goal, she ran over to Jen and gave her a hug.

The ball is that way!

Our team doesn't really get the concept of "teamwork." Its pretty much everyone for themselves.


And fall.

I love watching these games because the kids are like a swarm of fleas that slowly gravitate over the entire field.

Push him over, and grab the ball.

At least this time he's grabbing the other team's shirt.

Here's Ava on a break away...

This probably my favorite photo of this whole game. Ava is scoring the ball while someone on the other team is picking a dandelion. Classic.

Ava scored 4 goals!

Here's ava taking time out for a photo. The action is all going on behind her, but I don't think she cares.

Align Center
If you can't beat them, hold hands with them...


And fall.

"Who's having fun?"

Another favorite. Our team is trying to properly kick the ball while a girl on the other team gets into the karate kid pose and a boy falls in despair.

Ava had a lot of break aways in this game.

I'm not exactly sure what the final score was, but I think we lost 6-5. Still a lot of fun though.

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Adhis said...

Good job, Ava!

Although, it can't be too hard to break away from the pack when there are SO MANY pretty dandelions to pick. ;)