Monday, June 20, 2011

Ava's Last Two Soccer Games

Action on the left, #2 landing a backflip on the right.

This is when I let my 2-year-old take the picture

Collision (Part 1)

Collision (Part 2)

This was the point in the game when our team all stopped to contemplate the scientific properties that are involved in the game of soccer.

For some reason, everyone is attacking Ava's arm and not going after the ball

Here's his impression of "The Thinker" while running full speed.

This is a dance party, not a soccer game

Ava got hurt for about 13 seconds

The Fall (Part 1, Game 1)

The Fall (Part 2, Game 2, same boy)

2-44-30 (The Lost Numbers???)

This is the point when Ava took the ball out of bounds, but kept going.

This is Ava's once a game slap the other team in the face

Tess was there dressed for success. Had to get a shot of her!

It was a fun year of soccer! Here's the team, minus a few kids that were out of town for the last game.


Adhis said...

kids are so funny!

Piper Nicole said...
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Linnea said...

Great post. Love the picture of Tess, too.