Friday, July 15, 2011

Yellowstone National Park

On our way up to Canada this year, we stopped in Yellowstone and camped for a couple of days. It was one of the first times that we had taken the girls camping without any other family and we had a great time. Great memories were made, and now we are trying to plan another camping trip sometime in the future.

Also, you probably saw the photo of Ava taking some photos. I gave her my old Nikon D60 and let her go at it. She had some great photos in Yellowstone and she loved doing it! I'll probably post some of her shots in the future.

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Alan said...

For all of the amazing colors in these pictures, I really love the b&w one of the people walking.

The star picture at the end is beautiful, too. I can never get good long-exposure images. The trees framing the edge really make it for me.