Wednesday, September 14, 2011

BYU Football Fireside - Tupelo, Mississippi

The Friday before every BYU football game, the team puts on a fireside in or near the town they will be playing in the next day. This is a very big deal for the local members of the LDS church where ever they go. To give you an idea, at the stake center in Tupelo, Mississippi, every single chair in the building was being used. The entire chapel and gym were completely full. The primary room, relief society room, another large classroom, and even the library, all had tv feeds of the fireside, each room filled to over flowing. The hallways and foyers were all full as well. It was amazing.

After the fireside, the team met the members, talked with them and signed autographs. This last photo with Brian Kariya was used in the Deseret News.

This trip to Mississippi gave me a very good look at how the members of the church love BYU. It is something that they can all relate to and band around. Because of all this support, it's also easy to see why ESPN has partnered with BYU to cover their games. BYU is much larger than Provo. I see that now.

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Laurel, Brian, Addison & Liam said...

Isn't BYU playing Oregon State in October? I believe they're doing a fireside in my sister's stake up in Salem. They are HUGE Y fans and are so excited.