Sunday, September 18, 2011

BYU vs Utah Football 2011 - Provo, Utah

Well, I was wrong. Very wrong. I had a lot of faith in the Cougars, but they decided not to show up in the second half and turn the ball over 7 times throughout the game. It's a shame they lost because I like a lot of the images I shot during this game. I was going to show just a few, but I really want to tell the story of the game in these next 40 images or so.

So, let's get this over with! Here are my images from the worst home loss in BYU Cougar history. Yeah, History.

Van Noy

Heaps giving some high fives to kids

Took me a couple of minutes to get the courage to ask Jimmer for a pic. I figured that we had been through so much together, but hardly ever talked that I had to get a pic with him. From his last season at BYU, I easily have 2,000 photos with just Jimmer in them.

Elder Uchtdorf getting Jimmered

The coin toss

This is the Utah defense running off the field after their second fumble recovery in the first few minutes of the game.

This is a guy upset about the 2 fumbles...he probably looked a lot worse when turnover #7 came along.

Here's a good progression of BYU's only touchdown of the day. Heaps to Apo. I didn't have a second camera on this game and so I was lucky that he fit into my frame on 200-400 lens.

I love this shot. He celebrated right in front of me and I just pointed my huge lens up and lucked out. The lighting is dramatic and in some ways looks like it was shot in the studio.

This was Van Noy celebrating his interception. (This was while the game was still close)

This is where things started going down hill

Utah's tight end scored on a 30 yard pass at the end of the first half. Took the wind out of the Cougars' sails.

Here's Corby Eason jumping up and completely missing, while Dres Anderson catches the ball and runs 59 yards for, yet another, touchdown.

This is a good image to show how the whole game was.

Heaps overthrowing Falslev

Doman trying to figure out what in the heck to do next.

John White IV running for one of his long TD runs in the 4th.

This was a very, very, very sad game. Very sad.


Andrea said...

Those are some awesome pictures, Luke! Tough loss for the Cougars!

Jace said...

Great pictures! And I love the commentary.