Friday, September 2, 2011

Football Favorites from BYU's 2010 Season

I'm on my way to shoot the BYU vs Ole Miss game today and very excited to start shooting football again. There is something about it that is just incredibly exciting to me to be on the field and in a way, part of the action. Below are some of my favorite images from BYU's 2010 season. Hope you enjoy!

This was the first time that Jake Heaps ran into LaVell Edwards Stadium. Smiles and all.

Looking forward to seeing Marcus Matthews at the TE position again.

I love this sequence!

Heaps giving Jimmer a high five, not slapping him in the face.

JJ DiLuigi. The guy is small and fast.

I felt bad for this QB from Wyoming. He got beat up all day. I remember shooting photos during that game and looking at the photos I shot during time outs and just feeling bad for him. This shot pretty much sums up his whole day. Muddy, scared and in pain.

This dude is famous...well, in Wyoming.

This was Heaps egging on the crowd at Rice Eccles, and quite frankly, at that point in the game he deserved to. He was amazing that day, especially for a true freshman QB in the biggest game of the year, and in the most hostile environment he had probably ever seen. It's too bad there were mistakes in the special teams that ultimately cost them the game.

It really pains me to post this photo as one of my favorites, but I was somewhat proud that I got this angle. Most of the photographers were standing in the back of the end zone. In fact, that's where I was. But during the last timeout, I felt like I should be on the sideline, not in the end zone. So, I ran across the end zone, (something that isn't allowed) but I did it as quickly as I could with holding my large camera and lens, with my second camera flapping behind me in the wind, and got to where this was shot. It took some work, and it worked out. Unfortunately the game didn't end the way I would have wanted, but I was still proud of what I got, none the less.

Last season was my first season shooting sports on a professional level and so I'm very excited to see how this next year turns out. Look out for BYU vs Ole Miss photos next!

Football is here!

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