Wednesday, September 21, 2011

My Football Photo Fails!

Shooting football isn't as easy as you'd think. There's getting proper exposures, focusing quickly, anticipating where the play will go, and with all of that, figuring out how to frame the action in a creative way are all part of photographing every second on the field. Sometimes, despite all of my best efforts, I just don't get the shot I wanted (thank heaven for digital cameras, right?). During time outs on the field, I'll scan through my images and delete shots that are just not worth keeping, but these images below were ones that snuck their way on to my computer.

Official Disclaimer: This whole post is meant to be humorous. So sit back and enjoy my miserable shots!

This was a long pass from Jake Heap to Cody Hoffman in last week's game against Utah. Framing, Check. Exposure, Check. Focus, not so much.

You should have seen the next shot. When he was not in the air and just laying on the ground, he was completely in focus.

I really like to get images that are 100% out of focus. It makes it abstract...

At least I had my camera pointed at the action and not to the sidelines...

I like to frame a blurry person dead center in front of all the action. It keeps you guessing on what's going on behind him.

Here's half of a body, out of focus, on grass that is 98% out of focus.

When shooting a punter, I like to place the emphasis on just the legs. Nothing else. I mean, that's his most important feature, right?

I didn't want to shoot the touchdown here. I wanted to get the anticipation in the ref's face and then blur him out at the same time. Can't you feel the excitement of the play?

I like to cut heads off of the players. You don't need to see those, do you?

When all else fails, I just call the photo "art" then no one can question it.

Who needs the player's face when he scores when you can get 10 excited tiny fans in the background.

I've got a few random cleats in my camera bag. When I feel the pictures needs "something more," I just pull one out and toss it onto the field, (in the same motion as if I were throwing a grenade onto the field.) The random shoe really adds to the photo, don't you think?

During Jake Heaps' first after game nationally televised interview, I figured over exposing by 3 stops would show how big of a moment it was.

This is a photo where I like to let the viewer interpret where the emphasis should be placed. The field goal post? An ROTC person getting ready to fire the cannon? The backside of a ref? A Brat Tail? Maybe they'll be able to see the player's left leg? The suspense is amazing!

This is McKay Jacobson before he was smitten by a floating helmet.

Dramatic lighting always adds to the intensity of the game.

I've found that cutting off the QB's arm at mid throw is a great practice.

I wanted to show BYU athletic director Tom Holmoe's distaste as the player drops the ball. Yeah, um, I meant to do that...

If the ref wasn't blocking the action here, it wouldn't have been such a great shot.

I don't need to get a photo of DiLuigi's head, I need a shot of his muddy and wet butt!

Who needs a player's face during a touchdown celebration?

Again, who needs a player's face during a touchdown celebration. (Dang Refs!! They are always getting in my way!)

I like to get just a small sliver of the players as the action is happening.

Those refs must really think they are really photogenic because they are always getting in there.

This isn't a blurry image. It's, um, motion blur.

I think someone is getting tackled on the sideline, or maybe everyone is looking at Jimmer...

Most of these photos were taken during my first season shooting football and this was my attempt to laugh off all of my fails. Good thing I've had more winning shots than losers!


Adhis said...

The punter shot made me laugh. It could have also been because you captured his udder.

. said...

I never noticed the udder! That was awesome!

Stephanie said...

I think my favorite was getting attacked by a floating helmet.

Linnea said...

Haha, I loved the floating helmet, too. Made me laugh.