Thursday, October 27, 2011

BYU Basketball 2011-2012 Is Back!

Last night, BYU basketball returned. It was great to be back on the court again and shooting away. This was a public scrimmage that was relatively well attended. It was sad to not see Jimmer on the floor, but there were some bright spots.

(12) Josh Sharp and (24) Damarcus Harrison (both Freshman)

Align Center
Brandon Davies is back - and wearing white pants.

(10) Freshman guard Matt Carlino - Look out for this kid.

Junior Brock Zylstra - He makes some great faces, so look for more photos to come from him.

(21) Junior Stephen Rodgers is back. Solid player.

Chris Collinsworth is back from his knee injury, and Charles Abouo is back as well. Both will probably be starters.

Davies over Collinsworth

Junior guard Nick Martineau


Freshman center Nate Austin



Upside down Cheerleader


Harrison - Look out for this dude. Great player.


BYU Head Coach Dave Rose leaving the court at half time.

Carlino driving against Martineau

(left) Davies and (right) Freshman Mike Boswell


You know when a foul is called and play stops, and then the player with the ball will continue playing by shooting or whatever? This is Harrison dunking the ball into the back board, instead of in the hoop.

Davies stuffing Abouo

Harrison shooting over Rodgers

Bottom line - BYU basketball will be good this year. They have a ton of freshman, and of course there is no Jimmer, but there is a lot of talent. Seriously look out for Matt Carlino and Damarcus Harrison. They are going to be fun to watch.

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