Saturday, October 1, 2011

BYU Football vs Utah State 2011 - Provo, Utah

A very exciting game! The only way to tell this story is to show a lot of photos. So buckle up and hang on for a wild ride.

If only he knew then that he was going to be taken out in the middle of the game...

Josh Quezada

JJ DiLuigi (or as ESPN commentators were calling him "DJ DiLuigi")

The struggle of moving the ball a couple of inches all found in that guy's face in the middle

This is a little blurry, but this was the play that got the Utah State player ejected. I have never seen that.

Fans are excited to be on national television

Jake Heaps' attempt to run with the ball.

I have a lot of good emotion shots from Hebron Fangupo. My camera loves this guy!

A Heaps pass overthrown, he's looking there in the background.

This is in my top 3 favorite photos of the night

Uona Kaveinga just brought down Aggie QB, Chuckie

Took those two shots while waiting during the extremely long commercial break. ESPN coverage does have some downsides.

This shot made it onto the blog because this is BYU's punt coverage in the 2nd quarter. #13, Riley Nelson will replace Jake Heaps in the 3rd quarter. How many top division qb's do you know that play special teams?

This would have been a great photo, had Cody Hoffman caught this ball.

Took this one for all you ladies out there...

This is the BYU face mask call in the 4th quarter.

Robert Turbin was amazing. So slippery. It seemed like he could run where ever he wanted.

Here's our special teams man, in playing QB.

One of my top 3 favorite photos of the night. Look how happy she is reading that book.

Right after Cody Hoffman caught a TD pass from Riley Nelson. Check out the young mom on the front row of the crowd. That's dedication.

That's the BYU Basketball team in focus there. Brandon Davies is the guy in the white shirt reaching across.

Because neither player is touching the ground, I call this photo "The Floating L"

After a scramble in the backfield, Riley Nelson tosses the ball to...

McKay Jacobsen! Huge, huge play.

Nelson running on Utah State, his former team by the way, with a vengeance!

15 seconds left. Nelson is about to hike the ball, and pass it over the middle, where it will be tipped, and the caught in the endzone by...

Marcus Matthews!

Favorite shot of the day, right here!

Which I do have to admit, I did think to myself, "Come on fans, don't rush the field because you beat a 1-3 team from the WAC." But what can you do? As a photographer, I put on my 24-120mm and ran in the middle of it.

My wife said this made him look sad, but I just loved the lighting, so I had to put it on the blog.

Utah state running back Robert Turbin found BYU head coach Bronco Mendenhall on the field after the game to shake his hand. I thought that was classy.

Cody Hoffman celebrating with fans.

This shot made it on the blog, not because of Nelson giving a hug to some unknown person, but rather to show a very creepy looking Cosmo waiting for him in the background.

Last year, I made the trip up to Logan to cover the game. BYU lost miserably. I was worried the whole game that I was the bad luck charm to the Cougars. As a fan, I'm glad they pulled it off!


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