Tuesday, November 29, 2011

Wacom Tablet Still Life

This was an interesting still life to set up. You'd like to think that pen is put in after in photoshop, wouldn't you...

Who needs photoshop when you can use fishing line suspended from a bar above?! When you are shooting still life, fishing line becomes your best friend. It is so small, that it basically disappears when you are shooting in the studio.

Doing it this way seems like it would be harder than putting it in later in photoshop, but its actually easier because it doesn't take that much time to set up, and you get a great shadow from the pen across the tablet that would take a while to make a believable shadow on photoshop.

Here's the look of how it was set up in the studio. Used a plexiglass sweep, a softbox to light the tablet, and three lights to wash out the background and the surface directly under the tablet.

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