Friday, May 11, 2012

Loni's Pre-Wedding Day! (Bridals!) - Salt Lake City, Utah

I have to say that I love doing pre-wedding day shoots outside the temple.  Less stress.  Amazing light.  Great times had by all.

These cherry blossoms were gone the next week.  We were very lucky!  Such a sweet photo! 

 I love shooting at the Salt Lake Temple around sunset.  Seriously folks, look at that!

 These last two photos were taken at a place I didn't even know existed.  It's on the East side of the Lion House.  10 Feet away from us was State Street.  I'd been by there a million times, but never looked over the fence. 

I've been friends with Loni for over 15 years.  I had to get in at least one photo.  And look at the mad photo skills!  To get my eyes in focus while holding my large D700.  Yeah, I'm awesome...3 chins and all! 

Loni's wedding day to come very, very soon.


Loni said...

YEAH WEDDING PICTURES!! Luke you did such an AMAZING job with our pictures. They are beyond what I ever dreamed of! Thank you a million times! We will recommend you to EVERYONE!

Julie & Derek Shaw said...

Luke! I think those are the best ever!!!! You just keep getting better and better.... Fabulous picture! Seriously!!!!!!