Thursday, October 11, 2012

BYU vs Utah State 2012 - Provo, Utah

I received a phone call last week from a friend asking if I could cover the BYU vs Utah State game for him.  It was a no brainer.  I went, I saw, I had some fun.

Jamall Williams

Taysom Hill


The ESPN on field reporter talking about the rivalry

Ziggy Ansah dominated on defense

This Aggie defender was dancing to "Call Me Maybe."  It was comical.

Hoffman's catch and run that lead to the only touchdown of the game.

Unfortunately, this was the only touchdown of the game and it happened on the opposite side of the field that I was on.  I hoped that I would be on the right side for the next touchdown, but this was the game's only TD!  

These last two photos were of Van Noy blocking a Chuckie Keeton pass

This was a missed pass interference call by the refs.

And this is BYU offensive Coordinator Brandon Doman showing his displeasure about it.

BYU intercepts the ball in the fourth quarter.

This is where the Aggie defense tipped a BYU pass and intercepted it.

This photo makes Utah State's Chuckie Keeton look like a rag doll

The future looks bright for freshman running back Jamall Williams

It felt great to be out on the field again, even though this game was a little boring.  The final score was 6-3 and the start time was 8:15pm.  Add that to the fact that I couldn't get any caffeine at the stadium...

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