Wednesday, July 23, 2008

Brock and Haili's Pre-Wedding Day

Brock and Haili are getting married on 08/08/08 in the Salt Lake Temple.  So, in order to get some pictures with less than two married couples in them, we went last night and took these.  So if you were getting confused because you thought you were invited to the wedding on August 8th, you were too late, it actually happened yesterday!  But still send them a gift, they will appreciate it.  There was no one around and we were lucky to get pictures with next to no one in the background of the pics.

Because I'm still a complete novice, I learned a lot about taking pictures in low light situations.  This was also my first time taking pictures with a couple around the SL Temple so that was also a challenge.  Brock and Haili's whole picture process has been very educational for me to say the least, and I hope that they enjoy at least a couple of the pictures that we took.  Thanks for putting up with me!

These pictures, as with most of my pictures, were edited by my wife, Jen who does a great job making my mediocre pictures in to presentable works of art.  She does a good job and enjoys doing it as well.

You may have noticed that there are a lot of black and white pictures in here.  Brock and Haili, if you want original colors or different edits on any of these, just let me know, because we can do whatever you desire.


Kristy and Justin said...

Luke, these two are so lucky to have you! The pictures are amazing and I'm guessing you didn't charge them any money! When I come to Utah, take some pics of me!! LOL

Erin Pick said...

Luke, you are being a bit hard on yourself. I can't believe the great pictures you have captured. LOVE, LOVE, LOVE them. I wish I had cute ones of my wedding day, or pre wedding day.
You have some great talent, as does Jen. Good team work!

Angie Stevens said...

nice editing on the one of brock flipping the bird! i didn't notice it until just barely! ha ha what an idiot!