Tuesday, July 29, 2008

Thanksgiving Point Gardens

These are the fantastic Thanksgiving Point Gardens. We have lived less than a mile away from them for about a year and a half and this was my first trip. Every different type of flower you can imagine is there. If you wanted to get in for a discount and not pay the $10 a person, every
Tuesday in August, its only 2 bucks a person! So get some culture in your life and check this garden out!

The people in these pics are Jen's family, and my little Ava. I must say that Jen does not look like she is going to deliver a baby in 55 days! Seriously!

We are going to the lake tomorrow for 8 or 9 days and so look for some great images when we get back, and then for more wedding pics on Brock and Haili's actual wedding day on 08/08/08.

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