Tuesday, August 19, 2008

Portraits taken while at Ashley Lake, Montana

Had a great time taking these pics.  Most of them were candid and not expected by those in the pictures, and I think that is what I like taking pics of the most.  I love trying to capture the moment, when it's not expected because you get a picture of the person as they are, not in some photo shoot where they know they need to put on a smile which sometimes doesn't accurately represent the person in the pic.  Ashley Lake was a great place to take candid portraits.  Most of the little children shown above, were kids that I had never seen before, and one of them tried to start a little lake romance with my little Ava!  It was the kid in the pink shirt, not the one with bug ears.

Of all these pictures, I think I like the one of Julie and Michelle the best.  In a close second is Jon in the bear mask.


Kristy and Justin said...

Jon really looks like a lil bear!

Erin Pick said...

How great is this family? I love all the pictures. The one of Julie and Michelle is so cute and great family one too. I love that every person is so different in the Shaw family, every picture you took shows that. It is what makes a perfect family. Good work on capturing that Luke! Good editing Jen! Kudos!!