Wednesday, August 20, 2008

Water Skiing at Ashley

Yeah, this last pic isn't a skiing pic, but Ava is so dang cute! I wanted to throw it in because this was pretty much the only tubing run of the whole trip! She loved every minute she was in the tube and the only reason was because Jen was out there with her. I'm pretty sure she thinks that if it's just Ava and Daddy in the tube, she's getting thrown in or something like that!

I believe Julie took the picture of me skiing. Thanks for making me look better at skiing than I actually am! Of these pictures, I like the one of Derek and the ski poking out of the water. Looks like it should be a picture for a Connelly Waterski's Advertisement or something like that!

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RedefinedPossibilities said...

I like these pictures in this post best. The color was terrific along with your focused shots!

ann packard