Wednesday, July 22, 2009

The Bride and her horse

This was a fantastic photo shoot. It was unlike anything I have done to date and it was a great learning experience for me.

There are a few thanks to be in order for this photo shoot.

Thanks to Haili for helping make this shoot a reality for me and I hope you enjoy these pictures.

Thanks to Romeo the horse for putting up with a heavy wedding dress (Just the dress, not the bride) on you for an hour or so, and thanks to Maverick the horse for swallowing your pride and wearing a veil.

Also, thanks to Haili's family for all of the allergy medication that I needed for when we were done! Mental note for the future, don't stand in the middle of a wheat field if you know your allergies will spike up severely!


Erin Pick said...

I love these! I really love the one towards the bottom, where Haili has the horse in a full run, and her hair and dress are blowing! Freaking Fantastic! Good work LUKE! (and Haili)

Anonymous said...

Hey Luke, Tori here(seans wife).We need new family pictures, I love all the new pictures on your blog, they are fantastic. Anyways I will have sean call you in the next few weeks to set up an appointment! See ya later!