Sunday, September 11, 2011

Healing Field - Sandy, Utah

I love September 11. Not in a giddy way, but in a patriotic way. What happened 10 years ago was horrible, but the way it united our country was unbelievable. I was in Canada at the time, and I still had a great sense of being proud of my country. Every September 11th, I feel the same. Proud of my country. Even though more than 3,000 people lost their lives that day, our country got together and since then, there hasn't been any terrorist attacks on our soil since.

These photos were taken in Sandy, Utah. Every year they have a Healing Field full of American flags. A flag representing each person that died on 9/11. Its a great sight.

This year, they unveiled a new big sculpture (the big thing under the tarp)

I love this photo. It's so random!

Congressman (and former BYU kicker, fyi) Jason Chaffetz

Here's the sculpture they unveiled. Not the best photo because of the confusing background, but I wanted to include it so you wouldn't go mad trying to imagine what was under the tarp!

If you live in Utah, and you haven't been to the Healing Field in Sandy, go. It's worth your time.


Adhis said...

I love the 'random' photo, too!

How long is the Healing Field set up for?

Linnea said...

These photos are really great. Nicely done.