Tuesday, October 4, 2011

LDS General Conference 2011 - Salt Lake City, Utah

Here's how I saw General Conference this year:

Groups of young people came to sing hymns in an attempt to try and drown out the cries of all the protesters that surround the Conference Center. I really can't believe that someone hasn't punched their lights out yet! (The protesters, not the singers)

I was really into shooting with longer shutter speeds that morning. Trying to show the motion of everyone making their way to conference, I guess!

I was amazed at all of the people out in front of the Conference Center who were asking for tickets. The sad thing for these two girls was that right as I shot this frame, a guy came up and gave two tickets to the people right next to them...They probably made it in, though.

I looked up and saw Scott Winterton of the Deseret News doing his job.

I like the shapes the crowd made in this shot.

Here's the typical shot of two people silhouetted against the waterfall inside the Conference Center. I just couldn't resist.

This is where I sat for most of Sunday morning session. The Conference Center has a list of rules for photographers. There are designated chairs to sit in. You can't move around during a talk or while the choir sings, you can only move in between. You can't move beyond a certain point in the Conference Center, (which I did twice and was quickly escorted back into the "safe zone.") I did feel bad for these two in the photo, though. Not because I had my 400mm lens in between their heads all morning long, but because the photographer next to me was incredibly trigger happy and probably shot close to 1500 frames in an hour and a half! Seriously. He was even annoying me! I shot 356 for the whole day.

This was probably my favorite frame of the day. (I'm a fan of the Tab on Facebook)

As President Monson was walking out, he stopped to help Elder Hales out of his chair.

Remember the time when President Uchtdorf got Jimmered? Here it is in case you missed that post. (click here)

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Lazenby Family News said...

I just wanted you to know I copied a couple of your Conference photos to use in my blog. I used all that I had that were mine, in past posts. I promise to give you credit and I want you to know that my blog is not contrary to the teachings of the Church. I'm just really looking forward to Conference this year and wanted to blog about my excitement. Actually, I get this way every time we have Conference :) Thank you so much for your great pictures! I love the silhouette of the couple standing in the window. It's very good! Thank you so much. My blogger site is: rocknoaksranch.com and I might take a bit to post the pictures, until I receive permission. The pictures are of the First Presidency and the Choir.