Thursday, October 6, 2011

Riley Nelson's Hair

Ever since Riley Nelson was put in during the second half of the game against Utah State last week, turned the game around, and won in dramatic fashion. He has been the talk of the town. Not only because of his in game heroics, but also because of his hair. When he ripped off his helmet and ran around the field at the end of the game with his hair flying in the wind, it set off a frenzy of people loving his hair. And then there were letters to the editor at the Daily Universe calling for Nelson's hair to be cut because it was too long according to BYU's honor code standards. Others sent online pleas via facebook and twitter to let him keep the hair, probably secretly worrying that cutting his hair would effectively cut away his powers a la Sampson. There have been rumors that his hair is now cut, but even if it is, his long hair had its moment in the sun.

Here are some shots from the Utah State game that place emphasis on his hair.

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Adhis said...

That's considered long hair???