Wednesday, November 23, 2011

BYU Basketball vs Prairie View A&M - Provo, Utah

Editing my photos can sometimes be comical. For example in this shot above, why is that guy turned away from the action? He's in the air with the two actually fighting for the ball, and he's got his arms up, but he just looks out of place! I'm sure he was going for the ball 0.002 seconds before I got this shot, but it just looks funny!

Oh, here's where BYU guard Anson Winder fights for the ball with President Palmer from "24," (or if you weren't a 24 watcher, the guy on the Allstate commercials, no not the Mayhem guy, the other one. That Mayhem is hilarious!)

Again, here's another example of guys that are out of place! What's #32 doing? Everyone in the frame is looking at the ball, but what are you doing, 32?

Stephen Rogers had a great game. I think he tied his career high points in this game.

Ninja kick layup?

BYU Basketball team, Nacho approves your work.

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