Tuesday, November 22, 2011

Ava at Pictureline

This was a test shot of a new Nikon 50mm lens I purchased at Pictureline a couple of weeks ago. I needed to see how it worked, so I had Ava look into the camera. She's such a cute little kid that I had to put it on. Taken inside Pictureline, my settings were ISO 1250, 1/80 of a sec., f/1.8

The reason I purchased this new lens was because my old lens was damaged after it lost an epic battle with my 3 year old. (See image below) It cracked the filter, which by itself wouldn't be a big deal, but it also pushed the body of the lens into itself and it wouldn't focus after that. It would have cost about the same to fix it than to purchase another one, and it's my favorite lens, so to Pictureline we went to get a new one. They take care of us there.

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Linnea said...

Great picture of Ava! Her eyes look so green!