Monday, November 21, 2011

BYU Football vs New Mexico State - Provo, Utah

The final BYU football home game of the 2011 season, and sadly, my last as a photographer for the Daily Universe. I certainly have gained a lot of experience and had a great time doing it in my two seasons covering Cougar Football.

In the past two seasons, I've gone to the midfield coin toss trying to get this shot. Finally got it!

I include this shot, because it was ruled a complete pass on a 3rd and long for New Mexico. Doesn't look complete to me!

These two (above and below) are of the New Mexico QB getting smashed by Jamison Frazier, forcing a fumble.

That's Kariya at the bottom of the pile, stretching the ball across the line for the Cougar's first touchdown of the night.

BYU defense celebrating after a sack.

Cody Hoffman trying to catch a long ball from Jake Heaps.

Look at this shot, above first, and then to the one below. They are together.

This would have been a great shot, had it not of been for that dang ref! You can't win them all!

These next 3 are in sequence. BYU RB Bryan Kariya is in the bottom, moving backwards, while more and more defenders jump on. He continued to push the pile forward.

The next few are of Ross Apo's first touchdown of the night.

That's Kyle Van Noy wearing Pendleton's jersey. Pendleton is a senior and hurt his knee and is out for the season. Van Noy wore his jersey as a tribute to him.

Apo's second touchdown of the night. I love the first shot.

The Daily Universe is going to be doing a story on BYU backup QB James Lark. He receives all of the offensive play calls from the box, and sends them out to Heaps.

Matt Marshall touchdown sequence

Favorite shot of the night, right there.

This was the defense's second forced fumble of the night.

These next 3 contain a back story. Tight end Matt Edwards is playing in his final home game as a senior. He's the grandson of Legendary BYU coach LaVell Edwards. These next three shots are of his FIRST catch as a cougar, and it just happened to be a touchdown! Kind of a cool Rudy story.

Since it was senior night, all of the players stayed on the field after the game, and all of the seniors were honored. These final shots are of Bronco with his players.

McKay Jacobson
Matt Reynolds
Hebron Fangupo. I got some great shots of that guy this year, and this is a good one to end them on. Bronco definitely loves his players, and you can see that in this image.

I'm really going to miss shooting BYU Football. I'd really love opportunities to do them again, but in the crazy world of photojournalism, you never know where you'll end up! Only time will tell.

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