Friday, November 11, 2011

Generations Project

These are part of a fine art project that I'm working on right now. They are very simple portraits when viewed individually, but when you put four together, they become very interesting. You start to compare the eyes, the noses, the mouths, the chins, the hair, the forehead, everything. (Click on the images to make them bigger to really see the differences) I started this project because I noticed that people would look at a new born baby and say to the mom, "She has your eyes," or "He looks like your husband." Then I thought, it would be fun to show the genetic progression between generations.

I'll be working on this project for 2 and a half more weeks, and then I'll be putting them all up on a wall somewhere on BYU's campus. So if you know of anyone that has 4 or 5 generations of just men or just women, and you think they'd be interested in modeling for me, let me know quickly!


erin said...

this is awesome, i never realized how similar my aunt and grandma looked! very cool! and george looks like his dad but definitely more like his grandpa!!! thanks luke!

Alan said...

Just fantastic. Awesome idea, beautiful execution.

Lisa said...

Those are awesome Luke!