Thursday, December 29, 2011

Favorites of 2011 - Sports

I absolutely loved shooting sports this year. Being on the field and court made me feel like I was part of the action. There's no better feeling than being prepared with the right equipment, in the right place, with the right settings, and then getting lucky with the action falling into my frame. I love that.

Here are my favorite Sports shots of 2011. Everything from Football to Women's Rugby.


Utah Blaze

Game winning catch against Utah State - Here's the video

BYU Offensive Coordinator Brandon Doman yelling at Jake Heaps and the BYU offense. Interesting photo, now that Heaps has transferred to Kansas. It's rumored he left the team because of a strained relationship with the coaching staff and players. Rumored.

These last two were Kyle Van Noy's forced fumble and recovery at the Ole Miss game. It was the game winning touchdown. I still learned a valuable lesson that day. Always know how much space you have on your memory card. This was the last frame I got of the play because I ran out of space! Here's the link to the video of the play.

I love this shot because it shows Bronco Mendenhal's love for his players.


You got Jimmered

Crazy face smash

Former Utah Jazz player Ronnie Price going in for a huge dunk during a pro scrimmage at Salt Lake Community College

BYU Golf


Karate Chop to the butt!

Identical injuries

Monsoon header

Guarding the valuables (you know, the goal...)

Prima Donna doesn't like what the ref has to say

Red card for the ute

Women's Rugby

Track and Field

The epic Utah State Mullett

Bending over backwards - Take that Brent Brown!

On the Water

My wife surfing it up

The Flow Rider at Provo Beach Resort

Surfer in San Diego

High School State Diving Championships

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